What makes us different from other Internet Pharmacies

At WebRx Pharmacy Palace or RxPalace.com, the Rx medications that are offered to the public through an online questionnaire are only those that are specifically designated by the State of Florida as being legally prescribed by a licensed pharmacist.  These medications, in part, are those that have been recommended by an FDA-advisory panel for over-the-counter (OTC) status.  A few examples of the types of medications that fall into this category are Claritin (loratadine) and Monistat-7 Vaginal cream, both of which have since actually become available without a prescription.  Other popular items are Denavir (penciclovir) cold sore cream, 2.5% hydrocortisone cream, Erythromycin Topical preparations, etc.

The medications described above, through the 'Pharmacist prescribing law' allow a pharmacist to issue certain Rx medications by first obtaining a patient history (questionnaire).  Thanks to the internet, we are able to extend this service to people who may otherwise not have access to such convenience and careful evaluation.

Any Rx medications that do not fall into the the category described above DO require a prescription from your physician or other licensed prescriber.  We do not dispense controlled substances through our website at all.

To view the specific Florida statutes which provide the authority for pharmacist prescribing please visit the links below.  The areas of the law that specifically relate to pharmacist prescribing are Title XXXII, Chapter 465.186 and  64B16-27.220. (Current as of January 2020)

Click here to read an article in its entirety which first appeared in the Drug Topics Newsmagazine, April 20, 1987 which probed pharmacist's opinions on the issue of prescribing.


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