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Unsolicited Comments from Our Customers

"I purchased this item form you within the last 2 months and was very happy with it and your service. Thank you!" -CR, Muscatine, IA

"Thank god I can order this online!  I need it so bad and I just lost my insurance!  So I couldn't go to the doctor w/o being charged an arm & a leg..."  -JA, Hughson, CA

"Thank you for letting me know that it was back in stock, I appreciate it!  I ordered it and have already received it.  Thank you for the follow-up and fast service!"  -SB, Rowlett, TX

"I like the new website -- your Pharmacy has excellent customer service!" -BP, Champaign, IL

"Just wanted to congratulate you on the new additions to your website and let you know how much I like it! Thanks!" -LN, Campo, CA

"You guys are great! Thanks again!" -CG, Newtown Square, PA

"Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your time and effort ensuring I have the products I need.  -VK, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much for all your help. Your customer service is awesome and I will make sure to put you in my favorites for the future." -JP, Naples, FL

"I am very impressed with your company. You are on the up and up and not many websites offer the "follow up" as do you. I love once an order is placed, I receive not only a confirmation, but also a ship date and tracking number. Great job and thank you."  -VK, Los Angeles, CA


"I just wanted to commend your company for the quick processing and shipment of my recent order. I got a notice from USPS literally 15 mins after I placed the order indicating that the shipment had already been entered in the system for delivery and tracking, and I got it today, less than 2 days after I ordered it. Thank you!" -JH, Arlington, VA

" It has been a pleasure doing business with your Pharmacy" -J & S, Studio City, CA 

"I just wanted to thank you for getting my refill to me so quickly. I just moved from Savannah Georgia to New Orleans and have a bit of a wait until my benefits kick in. I have suffered from Kerotosis Pilaris for as long as I can remember and the Erythromycin works wonders for me. Its amazing how it helps my self esteem to be able to wear sleevless shirts and not be worried about what people think. With the heat we have here in the summer its a real plus! Thanks!" -SS, New Orleans, LA

" I love your website and will definitely continue to order products here as your prices cannot be beat." -LH, Sturbridge, MA

" What fantastic service!!! I JUST placed this order!!!!" -JL, Klamath Falls, OR

" I have ordered this from you a few times over the last few years and it has CURED my sickness.. I scuba dive and it has made a big difference. thanks." -KM, Haskell, TX

"Returned here because of quick helpful service. Thanks!" -WW, Bloomfield, CT

"Thank you for providing this service. it has been very helpful." -SP, Jackson, TN

"Just wanted to say thanks for the advice. I am slowy working it down-have been tapering down over the last couple of weeks, and been doing a good job-not wanting and thinking 'em all the time. Also, I wanted to say that this is a great website with alot of good information. Keep it going!" -Todd

" Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate it. I told other people in
our FMS posting group about the good service that I got from you." -LJ, Lawrenceville, GA

"HOW can I thank you for you efficiency and unsolicited concern? I just don't find that anymore when working with pharmacies, or other organizations for that matter. Anyway, please let me know what the financial arrangments are for this shipment. Thanks you so much for your time and consideration and work on my behalf." -CD, Newhall, CA

" I am impressed with RxPalace's prompt delivery of my prescription, and wanted to offer my sincere thanks for your efficiency and promptness in your dealing with customers. I will definitely continue to rely on RxPalace in the future." -DK, Shamong, NJ

"Your firm is the greatest. Service was best ever and documentation was fantastic for
my records. Keep up the great work. I will pass the word." -TD Richmond, VA

" I just wanted to thank you for your great service - I was surprised to 
receive my order after only 3 days." -MJ, Jakarta, Indonesia

"Thank you." -RH, Morenci, MI

"Thanks for the help as always." -MP, Burlington, VT

"Thanks again! You guys are great!" -Craig, Newtown Square, PA

"Thomas, Airborne arrived today, I want to thank you for your caring, never-say-no,can-do attitude. The world needs more people like you. Please feel free to print this & show the owner (unless you , in fact, are the owner)! That would help explain the pride you show in your work!"
Sincerely, SR, OH

"Thanks for your help! My little flea bitten dog appreciates it!" -MP Mesquite, TX

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy! You did it!, Thanks!" -SR, OH

"Thanks for offering things we need, that our doctors turn a deaf ear to." -Mindy

" Thank you so much!" -Love, MP, CA

" Thank you so much. I cannot tell you how much this medication has improved my quality of life." -Rolayne San Jose, CA

"Thanks....keep my order and ship the product when it arrives.....thanks
again." -Jason Santa Ana, CA

"I am impressed that you even kept track of the query and answered. you are a very thorough person, thomas, and i have referred your company to various newbie guaiers who i help advise as they start on guaifenesin for fms. again, thanks so kindly for your efforts." ...BONNY 

"I did receive the email when I came into work this morning . Thank you for 
your prompt response (I'm impressed!)." Best, Lynn, Cambridge, MA

"Dear Rx Palace: You have been prompt and professional in dealing with my order and
answering my email. It is a pleasure to do biz with you." -SM, CA

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